CORRY HIGH SCHOOL Alumni Association

Scholarship Recipients 2020

Due to the Covid 19 the scholarship recipients could not gather together.

9 Virgil G. Curtis scholarships in the amount of $1375.00 each were awarded to;

Hanna Ahl, Eli Carey, Hayden Eiss, Lucas Nichols, Reid Scott, Jacklyn Thomas, Kaitlyn Webb, Elaina Wilkinson and Nicholas Lipinski.

Stacy R. Skinner Scholarship recipient is Laurel Cooney in the amount of $400.00.

Reid Scott Scholarship 2020
Laurel Cooney Scholarship 2020
Nicholas Lipinski Scholarship 2020
Jacklyn Thomas Scholarship 2020
Hanna Ahl Scholarship 2020
Lucas Nichols Scholarship 2020
Kaitlyn Webb Scholarship 2020
2020 Scholarship Recipient Hayden Eiss
2020 Scholarship Recipient Eli Carey
2020 Scholarship Recipient Elaina Wilkonson