The alumni scholarship was named after a former superintendent of schools, Dr. Virgil G. Curtis, who served as the first and fourth superintendent.

The idea of the scholarship was originated in 1925 by Arch Lyons from the class of 1912. The scholarship money was raised by assessing the graduating class $1.00 for each member as a a membership fee. In 1926, the first scholarship was selected by the school faculty. That scholarship was in the amount of $50.00. As the amount of money in the fund grew, the number of recipients, as well as the amount of the amount of the scholarship. All scholarships are awarded on interest earned on all monies.

In 2006 , the estate of Stacey R. Skinner from the class of 1935, left a sum of money to be entrusted by the Virgil G. Curtis committee, of which now we are able to present on behalf of him and from the interest earned, the Stacey R. Skinner scholarship.

  • Virgil G. Curtis began in 1926 — $417,824.00 to date
  • Stacey Skinner began in 2007 — $7,060.00 to date

Scholarship Application

Applications are available and given out in the guidance department at the high school in mid January. Eligibility goes to graduating seniors. This award is not limited to college tuition exclusively, but may be awarded to anyone accepted into an accredited program. The Board of Directors will take not only the scholastic standing of the particular student but the circumstances of which he/she attends school, the effort put forth by the student, and his/her financial status. Applications will be collected in April, reviewed by the Board of Directors and awarded in May at the assembly.