How we got started

Established in 1874, the Corry High School Alumni Association has the distinction of being one of the longest running alumni associations in the United States. During COVID we didn't shut down and had our meetings outside with limited numbers. We were able to go FACEBOOK live to keep us as the longest and most consecutive alumni.

The tradition of alumni returning for the annual meeting, held each June, has been going strong for 149 years – with more than 500 alumni/guests in attendance.

As part of this event, the Alumni Association awards its annual scholarships to deserving seniors. To date, more than $463,000.00 has been awarded.

Alumni from classes celebrating an anniversary are announced in ‘roll call’ and trophies are awarded to the classes with the most in attendance.

Doors open at 5:30 and dinner is served promptly at 6:30 p.m. in the high school gymnasium. The dinner usually wraps up by 7:45 so classes may attend their own class gatherings.

Corry School History

The Corry Area School District began when a small building opened its doors to serve just 150 students in the winter of 1863.

At this time, the region’s oil boom was attracting increasing numbers of people to the area; to meet the educational needs of the families’ children, facilities expanded to five new buildings over the next 10 years: Union School, Wayne School, Fairview School, Hatch School, and Washington School.

The district continued to grow throughout the turn of the 20th century with the additions of Concord School in 1886, Harding Elementary School in 1923, and Wright School in 1924.

Expansion slowed until 1953, the year the newly formed Corry Area Schools Authority pushed for the successful construction of the Corry Area Junior-Senior High School.

Today, the Corry Area School District spans Crawford, Erie, and Warren Counties and encompasses first-class educational facilities that include Corry Primary Elementary, Corry Intermediate Elementary School as well as Corry Area Middle School, Corry Area High School, and the Corry Area Career & Technical Center.

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