How to plan your class reunion

Class reunions are traditionally celebrated on your 5th year anniversaries from graduation, though the alumni dinner is open to everyone. It is NOT the responsibility of the class president to plan your reunion. It can be one person or a group, it has to be someone that has the passion to take on the endeavor. Form committees if that would be easier. Finances, decorations and someone to keep tracking down classmates. You need to know from the get go that you will not please all your classmates, but pat yourself on the back for attempting to do so. If you are a younger class starting out, keep it simple. You will be low on funds, trust me, over the years this will change. Get suggestions from classmates, some want formal and some informal. Some will say it is too expensive, some not enough. Some will say, I just don't care about my classmates. It's all O.K. everyone is entitled to their opinion. Over the years their opinions will also change. Update your class Facebook page frequently!

12 months to go

Location, location, location. Try to keep it local, we are trying to support Corry establishments. Book your venue and put down deposit if necessary. Come up with your cost to charge your classmates. Don't forget that the Alumni Dinner tickets will be an additional cost. Example; $20.00 for a couple to cover your class weekend + $15.00 each dinner ticket, that couple would send you a check for $50.00 to cover their weekend. Keep a list of who sent you money for what, so that in May when the tickets go on sale you know who to buy for and who to pass out dinner tickets to that weekend. Update your class Facebook page!

6 months to go

Send letters to your classmates that aren't getting the word through your Facebook page. Will you attach a questionnaire to put together some type of program? Start a checking account once you get a generous sum of money. You should have 2 or 3 classmates on the checking account. It's not wise to just work out of an envelope. Purchase decorations and supplies, will you need name tags? Update your class Facebook page!

3 months to go

What will you do about food? Friday night and/or Saturday night. We encourage all classes to attend the alumni dinner Saturday night before your class event. Call and verify your venue. If you decide to put together any type of program, now is a good time to get started as you are receiving back any questionnaires you sent out. Update your class Facebook page!

1 month to go

You should have a pretty accurate count by now of how many of your classmates are attending. Order any food for your venue. Purchase your Alumni dinner tickets Update your class Facebook page!

1 week to go

Update your class Facebook page!

Reunion weekend

Friday/Saturday, pass out your dinner tickets to your classmates.

Saturday morning doors open at 8:30 at the high school. This is the time you will be there to decorate your tables for your class to all sit together. We will have everyone out by 10:00 so the CorryFest parade can line up in the parking lot. Take lots of pictures at all your events. Update your class Facebook page!

1 week after

Update your class Facebook page!

Post pictures to your Facebook page. Make sure all your bills are paid. Share with classmates how much money is left to start your next reunion. Keep locating classmates, they will keep popping up overtime. Get feedback from your classmates, but remember don't take it to heart.

Venues & Lodging