149th Alumni Banquet

Fri. Sep. 1

Ticket sales were 510. The Georgia Ayers Myers Floral Memorial Award was presented to Mary Burrows, Class of 1946. The boutonniere was awarded to Norman Swart from the Class of 1944. The A.D. Colegrove trophy was presented to the Class of 1973. The Class of 1935 trophy was awarded to the Class of 1973.

Virgil G. Curtis $2800.00 each

Tayler Elchynski

Ella Simmonsen

Jayden Southworth

Brilie Tasker

Peyton Wilkinson

Stacy Skinner Scholarship $500.00

Ashton Mineo

Class of 1953 Scholarship $550.00

Morgan Willis

A scholarship was presented to Alivia Burger from the Class of 1973.

The 150th Annual Banquet will be June 8th, 2024