148th Annual Alumni Banquet

Fri. Oct. 7

We were back in action at the high school for our dinner banquet.

Ticket sales were 590 and dinner for 525 was served. The Georgia Ayers Myers Floral Memorial Award was presented to Mary Swanson, Class of 1946. The boutonniere was awarded to Norman Swart from the Class of 1944. The A.D. Colegrove trophy was presented to the Class of 1972. The Class of 1935 trophy was awarded to the Class of 1972.

Virgil G. Curtis Scholarship in the amount of $2000.00 each will go to the following;

Jade Beebe, Alleghany College

Kyron Helmer, Edinboro University

Hayden Linkerhof, Bucknell University

Miranda Nickerson, Cornell Universtiy

Emily Pituch John Hopkins

Skylar Riedel California University of Pennsylvania

Maxx Rimdzius attending University of Pittsburgh will be awarded $850 for the Stacey R. Skinner Scholarship.

The 149th Annual Banquet will be June 17th, 2023