146th Alumni Meeting

Wed. Sep. 23

Susan Rairie Migliaccio, Janet Bauer Bailey

The 146th Alumni Meeting was held at the VFW Pavilion, Mead Avenue, on Monday September 21, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. This event was NOT open to the public but two class representatives from each class was invited in order to follow the guidelines put in place by Governor Wolfe for the Covid-19.

Vicki Amoroso Hajec called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Karen Silvis from the Class of 1960 gave the invocation.

Vicki Amoroso Hajec asked for a motion to approve the Minutes and Treasurers Report.

Danielle Eastman Elchynski announced the scholarship recipients, which were:

Stacey Skinner Scholarship $400.00

Laurel Cooney

Virgil G Curtis 9 @ $1375.00

Hannah Ahl, Eli Carey, Hayden Eiss, Nicholas Lapinski, Lucas Nichols, Reid Scott, Jacklyn Thomas, Kaitlyn Webb, Elaine Wilkinson

Michele Messinger Owens gave the slate of officers for the 2021 year.

Vicki Amoroso Hajec 1984 President

Lori Johnson Weidner 1986 1st Vice President

Amorette Swart Ross 1996 2nd Vice President

Michele Messinger Owens 1980 Secretary

Stephanie Morris Hajec 1979 Treasurer


Danielle Eastman Elchynski 1993 Chairman of the Board of Directors

Kristi Watrous Graves 1989 Trustee

Stephanie Skalos Pondel 1996 Trustee

Amy Mennen Helmer 1991 Trustee

Stephanie Morris Hajec 1979 Trustee

The typical roll call was not done. The announcement was made that all the classes ending in "0" & "5" had cancelled their get togethers due to the Covid-19. With that being said, The Alumni Association invited those 2 classes back for the 147th Banquet and a separate roll call will be done for those classes. Additionally 2 separate trophies will be purchased for this. This way classes ending in "1" & "6" will NOT have to compete for the trophies.

The night wrapped up with Karen Silvis from the Class of 1960 leading us in the Alma Mater